An Introduction…

Hi, I am Niamh Duquemin, a 17-year old aspiring vet student, and I will be applying to study Veterinary Medicine this year. I am currently studying Chemistry, Biology, History and Maths at A-level and will be taking my AS exams in the summer. I plan on using this blog to document my work experience and comment on current veterinary news.


My non-academic interests include netball, going to the gym and horse riding. I volunteer weekly on a dairy farm and at my local animal shelter, have completed 5 weeks of work experience at two vet practices and consequently received exposure to small and large animal cases, and have done a week of lambing off-island.


I have wanted to study Veterinary Medicine from a very young age and have loved all of the work experience I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in so far and am greatly looking forward to the placements I have planned for the near future. I hope my blog can be of use and interest for other aspiring vets.


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