Quick look at my first day at Medlink – Part 1

We received bucket-loads of information at the weekend, way too much to cram into one blog post, hence I will be splitting up the information into smaller, regular posts.

We were greeted in the one of the Nottingham lecture halls by one of the most efficacious people I have ever had the pleasure to meet , James Ridgeway. He managed to instantly grasp every attendees attention, allowing him to fill our minds with facts, tips and tricks. As an example, we were given information about exactly what interviewers are looking for in their applicants, giving me and my peers a crucial head start over other applicants. Another key fact that we were told was that the number of people applying for medicine has dropped 50% since last year, and that there are in fact only 2-3 people battling for one place at university. At first this may not seem like crucial information, however all my life I have been told that there will be at least 20 people applying for the same place at university. Therefore there couldn’t be a better time to be applying for medicine whether that would be myself, or anyone else thinking of applying.

Not only this, but he also took some time out of his busy life to have a one-to-one talk with me, answering the vast array of questions I had for him. He tied together any split ends in my knowledge about the application process and what to expect, as well as further tips about how to use social media to my advantage. For this, I can only thank him.

This is just a brief look at what James has done for me during the first day on the Medlink course, however I simply cant stress it enough, make an effort to reach out to this man because I can guarantee he will change your life for the better – as he did with mine.

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