Revision has begun…

Over the Christmas holidays, I spent any free time on polishing up my work making sure there were no areas with missing content. As well as this, I focused on deducing and creating a revision plan which, within the last couple of weeks, has started to be introduced into my everyday life.

Instead of coming home and mistreating my spare time, I have made the effort to start heading to the library straight after school in the hope of solidifying my knowledge. At first I started coming for roughly 2 hours, however as mock exam season is coming up, I have bumped those numbers up to 4 hours per day – making sure that I still engage in my sporting activities such as golf or ice hockey and that I regularly meet up with friends to help protect my mental and physical well- being.

The most effective method of revision that I have found so far is to test yourself on alternating topics again, and again, and again. this not only makes your knowledge absolutely concrete but also allows you to get used to the A-level standard of questions, which a lot of people find challenging. Another helpful trick is to bring a friend along with you, even if you don’t share the same interests in terms of job field. This revision peer is purely another ladder to success because of how you are able to send each other information about certain topics or maybe even external work experience that they/you think might be relevant to you/them.

All in all, it is still early days in terms of examinations and examination preparation, however, I am trying to do everything in my power to give myself the needed headstart on my journey to medicine.

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