Animal Profile: The Maned Wolf

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Common name: Maned Wolf

Scientific name: Chrysocyon brachyrus

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Conservation status: near threatened

Habitat: Grasslands and scrub forest of South America, namely Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

Size: 1m in height

Weight: 20-25kg but may weigh up to 30kg

Diet: Omnivorous, 50:50 diet of plants to meat, but can eat a higher proportion of plant matter. Small mammals are eaten, such as cuis, rabbits and agoutis, plants eaten include many fruits and sugar cane.

Lifespan: 7-10yrs in the wild, but may live up to 15yrs in captivity

Appearance: reddish-brown fur with fox-like markings; large, erect ears (an average of 7″ in length); long, deer-like legs; pointed muzzle; mane on neck which stands erect when danger is sensed

Maturity: 2yrs

Gestation period: 60-65 days

Threats: destruction of habitat; attack spread of disease from domestic dogs

Interesting facts:

  1. Only species in the genus Chrysocyon
  2. less than 2000 left on the wild
  3. nocturnal/crepuscular animals
  4. solitary animals, only coming together for mating purposes
  5. sexually monogamous animals
  6. produce what is known as a ‘roar-bark’, a sound rarely heard by humans




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