Animal Profile: Natterjack Toad

Photo credit: Tracy Farrer


Common name: natterjack toad

Class: amphibia

Order: anura

Size: 60-70mm in length and 4-19g in weight

Appearance: short legs, brown with bumps on back and a yellow line down the middle of its back.

Conservation status: least concern

Diet: at night, they eat moths. They also eat woodlice, marine invertebrates, sandhoppers and other insects.

Habitat: coastal areas in western Europe. They live in sand and warm, shallow ponds.

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Breeding season: April to June

Predators: foxes, otters, herons, hedgehogs, terns and gulls.

Threats: loss of habitat

Interesting facts:

  1. they are a European Protected Species
  2. loudest amphibian in the UK
  3. they have an unusual gate due to their short legs, resulting in them running rather than hopping.
  4. limbs are adapted for digging
  5. hibernate through the winter in burrows
  6. population numbers have declined by 75% in the past century.


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