Faux Fur Friday

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Dear readers,

you may have noticed that I retweet a lot of vegan news. This week I thought that I would dedicate an entire blog post to it.

Next Friday (1st of December) if Faux Fur Friday. Faux Fur Friday is held on the first Friday of December every year.

Many people do not understand why fur is a problem. Respected fashion brands use it in their collections so surely it is okay to buy the product as the animals’ welfare has been taken into account. Unfortunately this is not the case and usually, if not 100% of the time, the animal who provides the fur suffers immensely.

85% of fur from the USA comes from animals kept in small, wire cages on fur farms where they are later skinned alive. Those that are killed before skinning suffer electric shocks to the genitals and anus as this is believed to be the killing method that does the least amount of damage to the fur itself. Other methods of slaughter include strangling, hanging, poisoning and gassing.

The other 15% comes from wild animals that have been trapped. The most popular traps used are called leg hold traps. These (steel) traps clamp down on the caught animal’s foot and the animal suffers in immense pain, struggling for hours and even days without food or water. Before they are released, they are bludgeoned to death or they have their throats and chests stood on, suffocating to death. Drowning sets have also been developed to kill semi-aquatic animals, for example mink and beavers. The weight of the trap is such that the animals drown. There are also traps that are designed to instantly snap the necks of animals a certain size. However animals that are not this size can suffer a long, drawn-out death.

After all this abuse, the fur is treated with toxic chemicals to prevent it from rotting and decomposing. This chemicals may have an adverse effect on human health.

There is no doubt that the fur trade is a cruel one. Please do not support it in anyway. If you like the look of fur there are so many different synthetic options to choose from. You don’t have to become vegan, just be aware of this cruelty and make decisions against it.

Faux Fur Friday is a chance to openly support the production of fake fur, so spread the word! Wear your faux furs with pride and the knowledge that no suffering occurred for you to obtain it.



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