Home Screw Elevator Can Speed Up?

Currently, the world’s fastest elevator is located at the Shanghai World Financial Center. It runs at 3,600 feet per minute, and you are barely uncomfortable throughout the run due to rapid decompression. Future elevators, like airplanes, will also be equipped with pressure chambers. This will allow the Screw Elevator how fast it will be.
But the decline is another matter: it is said that despite the pressure chamber, the elevator is not allowed to drop at a speed of more than 2,000 feet per minute without damaging people’s hearing.
In the future, the speed of screw-type home elevators will be faster and faster?
Many people can consult the screw-type home elevators, but it is OK.
According to the standard of household elevator manufacturing, the current European standard for household elevators is 0.15m/s, and the national regulations for traditional domestic traction elevators cannot exceed 0.4m/s.
Regarding the speed increase of the Screw Elevator, Xiaobian is not recommended for the time being. The first one does not meet the European elevator standard. Second, the home use does not recommend the speed too fast. Third, the speed increases, the friction coefficient between the screw and the nut is serious, and the elevator will be shortened. Service life.
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