New found hope for diabetic sufferers

This article interests me because it is a breakthrough in eliminating pain from the lives of many. Diabetes affects over 400 million individuals around the World and affects people mentally as well as physically. This is due to the impact that the discomfort of the illness has on a persons confidence and self esteem. It is also a stressful condition as it is extremely difficult to manage successfully so this new cell discovery would improve and transform the lives of many.


Hi! I’m Paige, I am 16 years old and on the road to following my dreams into the medical World. Currently I am at college, my second stop in education and just one terminus away until the final destination: University. I am very passionate about the care profession as I am a compassionate and conscientious character. I am looking forward to discovering a life in medicine as every day offers a new uncertainty and adventure into transforming and helping lives.