Bristol Uni Summer School

Last week I attended a 6 day residential summer school for Bristol university which was put together by the Sutton trust organisation. (Hence why I did not blog last week). The summer school was an amazing experience. We stayed in Churchill hall which is an actual hall of residence, we were given an in depth tour of the city and had time to visit many shops and I also made many life long friends from all across the UK. Our daytime activities also consisted of lectures, seminars and some lab work. This was a very exciting experience as it gave me an insight into how I would be taught in university. My favourite lab task was monitoring our own ECG traces before and after high intensity exercise and “diving” by submerging our faces in ice water. Along with this we had lectures on constructing our personal statement and how to make our application as good as possible. We finished off the week with a celebratory meal and then disco in the city museum which was an excellent way to round off the week.

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