The Perks of being a Doctor

Several of my friends can’t understand why on earth I would want to be a Doctor. They consider it a boring and/or gory job. One of my best friends has realised that I am serious about becoming a Doctor but still frequently says to me “But what if you kill someone?”; and she’s right, doctors do kill people. That sounds rather horrible but when we become doctors, we will have to accept that we can’t save everyone.¬†However, it isn’t as if we are serial killers; our aim is to save lives. When my friend does ask me that, I simply say to her: Doctors aim to help people, but some people can’t be helped, some people don’t want help and sometimes the doctor makes a mistake and the ‘help’ doesn’t actually help. Yet, many people are helped by doctors.

In my opinion, that would be the greatest things about being a doctor, saving lives. Just imagine, some people are brought into hospital close to death, and walk out days later completely healthy. However there are a couple of other reasons too.

Becoming a Doctor (and being a Doctor) is challenging, both the journey to medical school, medical school itself, and actually when you are a Doctor. I love a challenge so this is another reason I would like to become a Doctor.

A third reason is I love all aspects of science and I particularly enjoy learning about the human body.

There are many other reasons why people may want to become a Doctor, though for me it is not about the pay or respect in society, but the thought of helping people, challenging myself and learning more about science.


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