Neon Moon Lingerie hits kickstarter target brings a new attitude to the industry.

First of all congratulations plus size cheap lingerie to Neon Moon who have hit their £5000 Kickstarter funding campaign and will be creating a new range of lingerie and at the same time bring a new attitude to the industry.

The ethos behind the brand is to try and bring change to the lingerie industry by using modest designs and unconventional models to fight against the negative perceptions of body image in young women, and discourage objectification and the sexualisation of women.

Neon Moon Founder, Hayat Rachi told, “We want to shock the lingerie industry and work with the people who reflect what women’s bodies really look like. Girls should not have to question why they look a certain way or feel that they have to conform to society’s pressures. It’s important for girls to not compare themselves to unachievable standards of ‘beauty’. Rather, they need to reclaim the right to their bodies and decide how it should look for them and not for others”.

There’s a promise to use ‘real woman’ models of all sizes to promote the lingerie and we’re pretty sure that there’s a good market for the styles of lingerie that will be produced.

As of today the campaign plus size cheap lingerie still has 15 days so run so head along and donate. £20 get you some knickers and £35 a new bra plus you’ll be supporting a new UK based lingerie start up.

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