MariahCarey “Live With Kelly” Video: Singer Wears Lingerie

Mariah Carey wore lingerie on Monday’s “Live With Kelly.” She had good reason, though. Kelly Ripa and co-host Jussie Smollett were having a pajama party! Watch below!

Ripa and Smollett both took the stage on Memorial wholesale bikinis Day’s pre-taped episode in button-down pajamas. Ripa actually paired hers with high heels, and she and Smollett did a little dance before taking their seats, much like the duo did when the “Empire” star guest-hosted earlier this month. “We look like we’re real crazy,” Smollett stated afterward.

Ripa cracked, “I thought everyone was gonna wear their PJs! I must’ve misread the memo!” But Smollett went on to reveal it was actually Carey’s idea for them to dress down. He impersonated the superstar saying, “Darling, it’s so early in the morning. We have to give them a pajama festive moment.”

And when Carey came out, she strutted in front of the audience in a blue negligee paired with a matching mini robe. Like Ripa, she was wearing heels too, and Smollett even bowed down to greet her. “You’re looking so festive and gorgeous,” he told her, and she in turned called the pair “two of my favorite people.”

“It’s so early in the morning, I don’t know how you guys do it,” Carey declared. Looking at the singer’s sexy lingerie, though, Ripa exclaimed, “You guys, I totally got the memo wrong!” Carey was quick to clarify that she was wearing shorts underneath the skimpy top, but she did go on to flash something: her engagement ring!

Ripa quipped, “That’s like an ice skating rink!” As the segment went on, Smollett amusingly revealed his Carey devotion by showing off a (faux) tattoo of her on his chest. Not to be outdone, Ripa had one on her arm, but Smollett then showed he had one of his co-host, too, on the other side of his chest.

DISC JOCKEY Khaled’s Offering His Clothing for a Great Cause

Main key notify: DJ Khaled’s teamed up with Poshmark cheap sexy clothes to market the clothing off his back, and it’s really all for the good trigger.

Today in noon REHABILITATION the music mogul’s droppingthe to begin four series onthe onlinemarketplace(the remaining 3 will turns out through August) and some of all earnings will end up being donated to his “Win More Music” campaign with Get Trained, a not for profit that activates with and motivates learners to graduate student high school. Bless up!

Every piece is really coming  from his own personal wardrobe (drop one particular even contains the complementing, iconic, paler blue matches he and son Asahd are putting on onhisGrateful photo album cover). Please remember that notorious Snapchat tale when Khaled was dropped at ocean on a plane ski? He could even end up being selling that Yamaha lifestyle vest, as well.


Marilyn’s Fashions From Beyond the Grave

You understand you rsquo; ve cheap shapewear reached true celebrity status when you rsquo; ve been dead meant for 46 years and you still get your personal clothing collection. (Sure, Stooge Moe Howard kicked away 33 years back and still offers plenty of bobble-head dolls, yet that rsquo; s less than the same thing. ) So prepare to affair open your closets (and wallets) intended for the new styles from the constantly dead Marilyn Monroe, hot and sexy.

The legend rsquo; s time wasters from Doldrums Clothing will certainly be targeted at ldquo; youngsters rdquo; (presumably women) and ldquo; become trendy, stylish and feminine just like Marilyn was in person. ” Therefore forget about the Wiped out by Kennedy baby first tee, ladies.

Notice to in long run novelty concern Johnson Jones Company: In the event that this pattern really will take off, may all of us suggest you rush in to production the Joe DiMaggio Mess O’Teeth Grill, therefore fans old and young can present the ldquo; Grin That Bagged the Bombshell. inch

My Comedy Writer Uniform Is Dressing Like

Mindy Kalings fashion obsession is legendary, both on-screen and off (as anyone who follows her Instagram or watches The Mindy Project can tell you, but there is one place youre not likely to see her in a colorful crop top set or studded red leather booties: the writers room on set.

At a certain point, theres only one way to dress as a comedy writer, she tells Yahoo! Style. You end up dressing like a hot L.A. guy: boyfriend jeans, Stan Smiths, and a grey t-shirt.

Outside of the writers room, though, Kaling has picked up a ton of tricks from her onscreen alter ego, namely that looking great is all in the details. I had tweed separates from Reiss. I replaced the hardware on it and people thought it was a Chanel skirt suit, which I could never afford, she says. And I do well! I dont know who can afford Chanel.

Shes also learned the value of tailoring clothes to fit her body well from the shows costume designer, Salvador Perez, but shes really not into obsessing about her weight these days (emoji preach hands, Mindy). When people talk about the way I look, it obviously bothers me. But the way it bothers other woman that I know is just so astonishing to me, she says. Theyve always managed to find me clothes at photo shoots. Theyre never like, ‘We cant dress this creature!

Plus siz eoffice clothes Women’s fashion

Like most office-casual American women, I practically live in tights during fall and winter. I have specific criteria when it comes to picking the perfect pair: they should be as opaque as possible, stand up well to frequent launderings, and suck me in tightly enough that I can wear virtually any kind of dress material without feeling self-conscious. To date, no brand of tights has ticked off all those boxes as reliably as Spanx.

Yes, Spanx: the company responsible for making shapewear the biggest underwear craze of the new millennium—and every woman’s best friend or worst nightmare. There really is no in-between when it comes to this modern-day answer to girdles. The irony is, I fall squarely in the anti-shapewear crowd—yet when it comes to tights, Spanx Reversible Mid-Thigh Shaping Tights have been my go-to for years. What can I say? These tights have legs!

I bought my first pair of Spanx tights about seven years ago. While most other brands last me months, weeks, or—worst case scenario—one morning before snagging on the corner of my desk or even a hangnail, that pair of Spanx survived for several years. That’s right, I wore them, washed them, and wore them again, repeatedly, until the control top started to become threadbare. The legs, though—made of a thick, matte, nylon/lycra blend—had remained thoroughly intact until the bitter end. These things were totally snag-proof, even when tossed in the washing machine.

As for wearability, plus size office clothes I couldn’t ask for more. The tights are super-comfy , and the control top is close to perfect. It comes right up to the bra line, accentuating my waist, and it stays there. The waistband doesn’t twist, roll down, or dig. My biggest beef with shapewear has been the digging; what’s the point of wearing undergarments to contour certain areas if it’s going to give me lumps and bulges in others? These tights don’t do that, and the control top somehow feels much less restrictive and not as thick as standard shapewear when built into tights.

How to keep your white clothes stain-free all summer long

We’ve never plus siz eoffice clothes been ones for rules when it comes to fashion, so we’ve been breaking the “No white before Memorial Day” rule for the past month. However, there’s definitely something about the holiday that makes us want to break out our white denim and bleached sundresses.

The pale hue is one of the things we love most about summer, but wearing white to a barbecue or party is like walking through a maze filled with stain-causing hurdles. Well ketchup and vino be damned, because Zanna Roberts Rassi, senior fashion editor at Marie Claire, has all the tips you need to keep your whites extra bright this summer.

1. If you’re planning on wearing white out, carry an on-the-go stain removing option (like Shout wipes or a Tide pen) to help stamp out any stains immediately after they happen. If you don’t have anything on-hand, wet the stain with with an ice cube and continuously dab.

2. Immediately after a spill, apply pressure to the stained area to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Tackle the outer edges first to prevent the stain from spreading.

3. For a DIY remedy, dip a wet toothbrush in a box of baking soda and scrub the stain with the paste. Allow the baking soda to work for 15 minutes before washing. Don’t wash away with water straight away because it will seal the stain.

4. Don’t use traditional bleach. The harsh chlorine bleach will strip the white color from the fabric. Instead use a hydrogen peroxide-based bleach like Oxy-Clean that will keep the colors bright.

5. After washing an item with a stain, check the wet laundry before throwing everything in the dryer. If the stain is still there, treat it again and throw it back into the wash. If you don’t, the heat from the dryer will set the stain permanently.

Now that you’ve got the know-how to keep your whites looking crisp all summer, here are some of our favorite styles for this season.