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Like most office-casual American women, I practically live in tights during fall and winter. I have specific criteria when it comes to picking the perfect pair: they should be as opaque as possible, stand up well to frequent launderings, and suck me in tightly enough that I can wear virtually any kind of dress material without feeling self-conscious. To date, no brand of tights has ticked off all those boxes as reliably as Spanx.

Yes, Spanx: the company responsible for making shapewear the biggest underwear craze of the new millennium—and every woman’s best friend or worst nightmare. There really is no in-between when it comes to this modern-day answer to girdles. The irony is, I fall squarely in the anti-shapewear crowd—yet when it comes to tights, Spanx Reversible Mid-Thigh Shaping Tights have been my go-to for years. What can I say? These tights have legs!

I bought my first pair of Spanx tights about seven years ago. While most other brands last me months, weeks, or—worst case scenario—one morning before snagging on the corner of my desk or even a hangnail, that pair of Spanx survived for several years. That’s right, I wore them, washed them, and wore them again, repeatedly, until the control top started to become threadbare. The legs, though—made of a thick, matte, nylon/lycra blend—had remained thoroughly intact until the bitter end. These things were totally snag-proof, even when tossed in the washing machine.

As for wearability, plus size office clothes I couldn’t ask for more. The tights are super-comfy , and the control top is close to perfect. It comes right up to the bra line, accentuating my waist, and it stays there. The waistband doesn’t twist, roll down, or dig. My biggest beef with shapewear has been the digging; what’s the point of wearing undergarments to contour certain areas if it’s going to give me lumps and bulges in others? These tights don’t do that, and the control top somehow feels much less restrictive and not as thick as standard shapewear when built into tights.

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