National Science and Engineering Week

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted for so long…life has been fairly busy recently, what with mocks, concerts, work in general and Duke of Edinburgh (yep…just did a practice cycling expedition over the weekend for my gold award…I have to say, it was tough and challenging, but we all made it out alive and in one piece 🙂 ).

Well anyway, I just wanted to write a quick post just to say sorry (check 😉 ) and to let everyone know that this week is National Science and Engineering Week (16th – 20th March). To be honest, we actually celebrated this in school a couple of weeks ago (we had the interhouse science quiz, a team from Bloodhound talked to us (a team based in Bristol who are building a supersonic car to break the land speed record and are traveling around the world to educate and inspire the young of todays world in Engineering), we had a lecture about the chances of life outside of earth and we set off a weather balloon with a camera to go to the edge of space! (there is an interesting story about the weather balloon…which hasn’t quite got an ending yet…I may tell you about it when it reaches the “and they all lived happily ever after” stage…).)

So anyway, yes, this is National Science and Engineering Week, we must all strive to learn something new and exciting, even about topics which are outside of our usual medical bubble-you never know how some innovation may affect the medical world…and this stuff is interesting and good to know anyway :)…

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