So today I experienced a lot of “firsts”. The first “first” was seeing the solar eclipse this morning- despite the almost total cloud cover for most of the morning, there happened to be a thinner layer of cloud covering the sun (so we could still slightly see it). The eclipse was absolutely amazing- I’ve always been interested in space and astronomical events such as eclipses (when I was about 6 I wanted to be an astronaut…), so it was great to actually see one! Secondly, it’s the first day of spring (yay! Oo and it is international Day of Happiness J).The other “first” experience was an acupuncture appointment- I have to say, I was slightly sceptical before the appointment…

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine which is completely different to conventional Western medicine; it focuses on the whole body, rather than on pin pointed (oh wow, the puns are coming out today 😉 ) symptoms and isolated areas of the body. It aims to correct any imbalances in the flow of “qi” (natural energy, energy flow, life force…) through channels known as meridians and therefore correct any symptoms or problems which the patient has been having (or to enhance their feeling of wellbeing). They achieve this by inserting fine needles into “acupuncture points” which align with the “qi”.

So, I arrived at the health centre and had to fill in a form (general stuff really) and circle any symptoms I’ve had and put down whether (and if so, which) medication I’m on (including herbal remedies). I then had a consultation with the acupuncturist, who took down my history and asked me all sorts of questions (I even had to recall everything I’d eaten the day before…which included 3 portions of apple crumble…oops 😉 ). The acupuncturist then made her diagnosis (and decided that I was slightly blood deficient, but not anaemic) and then talked me through what she was going to do (and gave me a list of things I should eat…including dandelion, dark leafy greens and beetroot…ugh! (but grapes are on the list, yay! 🙂 )).

foot needle

foot needle

So, initially I had four needles put in (one on each hand and foot). I was instructed when to breathe when she was putting them in, and to tell her when she should stop (when there’s a slight twinge….it’s kinda hard to describe…). It didn’t hurt (apart from the twinge), which was a nice surprise J. It was quite weird, looking down at my hands and feet, feeling like I was pinned down to the bed…Well anyway, those were then removed, and one more was stuck in below each ankle. I found these more painful, but apparently they’re for energising…my right ankle area still feels slightly funny though…

 Well, I do feel more awake than I did before the session, but I can’t comment on any improvements until I’ve properly tried it out and attended regular sessions (and eaten my dark leafy greens…). It was really interesting to see a completely different type of medicine and I am looking forward to seeing how it all works out. Well, toodle pip! Hope you’re enjoying spring and managed to (safely) catch a glimpse of the eclipse J.

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