The Start!

Studying medicine has been a constant consideration throughout the past few years of my life; initially, I was the ultimate cliche.. ‘I want to be a doctor because I want to help others’. Original if you ask me.

Now I realise you can help others in a whole host of careers, it isn’t something that’s exclusive to being a doctor. I could help someone by being their banker, lawyer, waitress; the list is endless.  Furthermore, I’ve come to the conclusion that despite always being aware that studying medicine isn’t easy, I never fully understood quite how difficult it is, until now. Bring on the challenge.

Being in lockdown has given me more than enough time to make some life decisions, and deciding to study medicine and become a doctor was one of them. For real this time, rather than being inspired for all of 3-5 business days and then moving on.

I’ve started preparing for the UCAT (despite being told it’s something I don’t need to worry about, I want to be prepared), I’ve completed the Brighton and Sussex Medical School Virtual Work Experience Course, started planning my personal statement, looking at universities and now I’m writing this blog! Big shout out to my chemistry teacher for recommending this to me, by the way.

I’d be lying if I said the thought of UCAT exams, MMIs, traditional interviews, personal statements and straight As doesn’t make me want to scream with stress and fear, but I’ve proven to myself before that my ability is far greater than my confidence, it just takes some extra hard work and to dig deep.. really deep. But if I can play rugby and survive two broken legs, I can do this! 


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