My EP Journey

I am about to start an extended project. This is a non-graded, non-certificated 5000 word essay linking together 2 of my subjects (Biology and Chemistry). I have to fill out a project proposal form and hand it in by the 26th June to register my commitment. I have a few ideas of possible essays but I’m struggling to choose between them. My prospective titles are: (The ones in bold are the topics that I am most interested/passionate about)

How does Calcium help prevent osteoporosis?

Is there a connection between diet and cancer?

What is the cause of Neurodegenerative diseases?

Can activating brown fat help fight obesity? (maybe not enough information available)

How do Stem Cells revolutionize modern medicine?

How do drugs affect the brain? (Does Cannabis cause Schizophrenia?)

My concerns about some of the essay titles are that there will not be enough information to write a 5000 word essay on. Any comments?


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