I’m Sparsh and I am currently studying biology, chemistry, Spanish and maths with hopes of going into medicine.

Coming back from Medlink I feel that I have gained a valuable insight into various aspects of the medical field, it has made me even more motivated to pursue medicine.

I recently read an article published in a new scientist paper about the new emerging methods of treating cancer and it gave me some thoughts. The article talked specifically about gliobastoma cancers which occur in the brain, they are the most aggressive malignant brain tumors that can occur in humans. There were four treatments detailed; nanotherapy, an anti-cancer hat, a personalised vaccine and gene therapy.

Nanotechnology gives a safer alternative to an operation when a tumor is burried deep within the brain. It involves small metal spheres being injected into the tumors. The spheres are then influenced by a magnetic field causing the spheres to heat up destroying the tumors from inside.

The anti cancer hat is designed for people to wear for 18 hours per day. The hat creates an electric field which inteferes with the protein framework which is essential for cell division. This prevents the malignant tumor cells from replicating .

The personalised vaccine which uses a person’s own immune system to attack their cancer, it is a much cheaper alternative however the success rate of this is very low.

Finally there is gene therapy which works by starving the cancer cell’s of their blood supply stopping the cells from replicating.

This article interested me a lot, it made me think if we have got this far how long is it until we find a cure?

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