My medlink intensive course experience


My name is Rohini, and I am currently a year twelve student at sixth form studying biology, chemistry, maths and religious studies. On the 17th-18th December 2016, I attended the Medlink intensive course at Nottingham university and I must say that it was a very valuable experience.

The course was very informative and provided me with a great opportunity to gain real insight into the world of medicine, as well as allowing me to socialise with new people who were in the same position as me. Being able to stay in the university overnight and attend lectures was also very useful in understanding how university life works, especially seeing as I come from the Isle of Man where there are no universities (an island in the Irish Sea for those of you who didn’t know.)

Some of the things I learnt on the course included: how to increase my chances to get into medical school, what to expect from the UKCAT and BMAT exam and how to maximise my grade in chemistry. It is definitely a course I would recommend for future aspiring medics as it makes it really clear to you as an individual whether medicine is the right career for you and what is needed to be able to achieve that dream of getting into medical school.


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