Protein Responsible for Allergic Diseases has been Found Out

A group of scientists at┬áVIB-UGent have discovered the ‘master protein’ TSLP that is responsible for a large number of allergic diseases like asthma and eczema.


Allergic diseases are a huge burden to the people suffering from them. Unfortunately, the cause of allergic diseases is not known and it has been estimated to be caused by genetic, environmental and molecular factors. Yes, there are treatments that can reduce the intensity of the symptoms of allergic diseases. However, there is no absolute cure and hopefully through this discovery, scientists can be one step closer to achieving this.

As well as finding out about the TSLP, the scientists have also been able to develop a molecule that can inhibit the TSLP’s activity, thus showing how promising their discovery is in finding a cure for allergic diseases once and for all.

For future developments, the team lead by Professor Savvides are going to work with another team┬áled by Rudi Beyaert and with VIB’s Technology Transfer department to follow up on their discovery and test the molecule that they found to be successful against TSLP on animal models for a variety of different allergic reactions.

I’d like to end on a quote from Prof. Savvas Savvides:

“We strongly believe in our discovery’s potential in the development of new therapies against allergic diseases. At the same time, we hope that the insights and tools we have generated in this study will catalyze further developments in the field. The TSLP story is far from done, as recent reports have added intriguing new twists to TSLP’s function. We will take advantage of our pole position in the field to continue to contribute to our understanding of this fascinating protein. Nonetheless, our priority now is to identify possible industrial partnerships to actually develop a novel therapeutic tool.”

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