New Medical Discoveries

Today, I thought I would do something a little different for my weekly blog. I am going to be making a list of what I think are three of the most important medical discoveries made in 2017.


Scientists believe that lung cancer can be diagnosed through a breathing test – this will detect the presence of RNA molecules altered by cancer growth. Why its important – this could provide a new and easy way of diagnosing lung cancer early and easy.


This year, the NHS plan to conduct trials on about 20 people to see if their body copes with small amounts of synthetic blood made from stem cells being injected into them. Why its important – Red Blood Cells can be artificially created to treat disorders like sickle cell anaemia, and blood transfusions can be done without having to wait for a blood donor.


3D visualisation has started to be used in neurosurgery and retinal microsurgery so that doctors can keep their heads up while operating. Why its important – surgeons can operate more comfortably, ensuring that the operation is more efficient and effective.

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