Increasing Brain Power

Cognitive training has been found to be the most effective way to train the brain and enhance working memory, as claimed by researchers from Johns Hopkins University in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement

.In the study, 136 adults participated in two types of brain-training activity and their brain activity was measured before and after each of these exercises. As explained by the researchers: participants saw a blue square on a gray background in one of eight spatial locations on a computer screen and at the same time heard one of eight letter sounds. the participant’s task was to remember the order and locations of red squares presented in a 4 x 4 grid.”

From these exercises, it was found that the working memory of participants who had engaged in the dual n-back task had improved by 30 percent — which is almost twice as much as the improvement shown in participants who had been assigned the complex span exercise.”

The researchers next hope to use these results and adapt them to make the ‘brain-training’ exercise more consumer-applicable for use on wide-scale.

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