‘Fault-free’ Obesity is a Thing

New research shows that obesity could actually not be our fault, as a gene mutation has been shown to control weight gain.

The research was done on mice, and it was found that ‘mice that have mutations in a gene called ankyrin-B are fatter than mice that don’t. Ankyrin-B can be found in every bodily tissue, tying proteins to the inside of a cell’s membrane.’ This happened despite the fact that the mice were exercising and eating the same amount as the normal-weight ones.

However, as explained by Dr. Bennett (senior author of the study), “we still didn’t know how this gene worked. There is this common belief in the field that much of obesity can be traced back to appetite and the appetite control centers that reside in the brain. But what if it isn’t all in our head?”

It is hoped that later in the future, the research team will come up with a plan on how to identify the people who have this gene mutation (it has already been discovered that 1.3% of Caucasians and 8.4% of African Americans carry this gene mutation) and identify how many calories they should be eating and how much exercise they should be doing in order to control their weight and metabolism.

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