The link between autism and being bilingual

A new study published in Child Development has showed that children with autism could benefit from learning a second language by being able to switch between tasks easier.

As said by leading Professor Aparna Nadig:

“Over the past 15 years there has been a significant debate in the field about where there is a ‘bilingual advantage’ in terms of executive functions. Some researchers have argued convincingly that living as a bilingual person and having to switch languages unconsciously to respond to the linguistic context in which the communication is taking place increases cognitive flexibility.”

Linking Autism and bilingualism has never been done or thought of before in previous research, so the fact that a correlation has been seen could prove to be a turning point in changing the way children with Autism are educated. The study originated from Montreal, itself with a huge bilingual society, therefore if the results of the study show to be beneficial, it could be used to help children with Autism all over the world.

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