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Nowadays, there is a lot craze around weight loss, in order to get that perfect body and match the modern ‘beauty standard’, especially the craze of being able to lose weight without having to exercise and restrict eating/change diet.

So today, I thought I would do something a little different and write my opinion on the topic of taking weight loss pills…

First of all, our bodies are the only ones we have. Literally, we have to manage an entire lifetime with one body only, we don’t get to replace it if its damaged, or pinch away the fat. So, surely it would be best to look after our bodies in such a way that it benefits us for our entire lifetime. Taking pills, no matter how beneficial or life changing they can be, causes our body to become dependent, and sooner or later, this will affect the workings of the body. Just imagine for yourself if you had to blow up 100 balloons, and you hd the choice to blow them all up yourself, or share the work with others. Most people will probably choose to share the work, and even though thats good at the time, your will slowly get more and more eager to share work instead of do it yourself. Taking medicine is just the same. I’m not saying people shouldn’t take medicine full stop, it was invented for a reason and has saved millions of lives. But, its better if we reduce our pill intake as much as possible, and by not taking weight loss pills this can be achieved.

Also, even though exercise and healthy eating takes a lot of effort, it has so many more benefits than just shedding fat. As seen in some of my previous blogs, exercise and healthy eating have already shown to have many benefits, and scientists are finding more and more benefits each day. Its like killing many birds with one stone – healthy living = less fat / increased life expectancy / less risk of cancer etc…

Finally,  there have been many cases of death from taking illegal weight loss drugs – it may have seemed too good to be true that you could lose weight without the effort, and that is exactly the case. For example, 23-year-old Sarah Houston died from taking a banned fat burning pill DNP in 2013, and her father said :

“I’ve no doubt there will be more tragedies.”

I will leave the source to the article on Sarah Houston in the sources section below if you want to find out more about her case.

Finally, I hope to spread a little bit more awareness about the dangers of taking weight loss pills, its not all sunshine and rainbows. And you too can make a difference, if anyone you know is taking weight loss pills or considering it, make sure they know if the pill is safe and if its the right decision.


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