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So I’ve decided to add in a new aspect to my blogs, and that is to write about rare or less commonly known disorders. I’ll keep these type of blogs more short and snappy, just to give you a basic overview of different disorders you may not have heard about before. Hopefully, you will find this interesting!


Other names for it: chiraptophobia, aphenphosmphobia, thixophobia

What is it: the fear of being touched – causes significant distress and anxiety

Symptoms: panic attacks, increased heart rate and sweating, feeling anxious or depressed when thinking about being touched, crying etc..

Causes:  run in the family, caused after witnessing a traumatic event, especially if they were young at the time

Medication: beta-blockers and antidepressants can help with the symptoms of anxiety and panic

Treatment: cognitive behaviour therapy (person is taught new behaviours) , exposure therapy (gradually expose the person to their fear) , virtual reality exposure therapy (controlled exposure to phobia)

Coping mechanisms: breathing exercises, mindfulness, exercise, self-care


Thank you for reading this weeks blog, if you liked it feel free to ask any questions down below!



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