Did You Have a Good Night’s Sleep?

Today is going to be a short but useful blog about being able to work out if you are sleeping well based on these factors – as sleep is hugely important, it is crucial that we either continue to sleep well or change bad sleeping habits as quickly as possible.


  • being able to fall asleep in 30 minutes or lower after getting into bed
  • waking up for under 5 minutes once per night
  • tossing and turning as little as possible once in bed
  • being able to fall asleep to a consistent time / routine
  • being able to avoid habits such as sleep walking / sleep talking / others
  • being in an environment that has less light and a comfortable temperature
  • avoiding problems such as jet-lag and late nights after a night out / sleepover if possible
  • taking medicine before sleeping if you have any pain to stop it getting worse and disrupting sleep at night
  • avoid taking caffeine / alcohol / nicotine / other chemicals before sleeping
  • following a relaxing pre-sleep routine that consists of no social media, instead it could include having a drink of milk, reading a book or doing relaxation exercises
  • not looking at the clock once going to bed – this actually increases stress levels and makes it harder to sleep
  • eating your evening meal earlier and balancing fluid intake
  • exercising – this can promote more sound sleeping
  • snacking on foods that won’t provide a sudden boost of energy before bed (herbal tea, milk etc…)

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, if you enjoyed the read feel free to comment any opinions or new blog suggestions down below!



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