Top 5 Natural Antibiotics

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I’ve talked about the problem of antibiotic resistance before and how its crucial that scientists and researchers either find / make new antibiotics as fast as possible, or encourage to reap the benefits of natural antibiotics. So, today I’m giving you a list of some of the best, safe and most effective natural antibiotics.

  • GARLIC – has curative powers and can be used as effective treatment against many forms of bacteria
  • HONEY  – used to be used to treat wounds and infections, has many antibacterial properties
  • GINGER – can fight against many different strands of bacteria and combat seasickness, nausea, and high blood sugar levels
  • ECHINACEA – this plant has been used for hundreds of years to treat infections and wounds, can also reduce inflammation caused by bacterial infection
  • OREGANO – boosts the immune system and is a good antioxidant, works better when it is made into an oil

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