The Top 11 Most Bizarre Scientific Discoveries

In todays blog, I’m going to talk about the most unusual scientific discoveries that have been made.

  • the chinstrap and Adélie penguin species are thought to expel watery poop at about 10 kilopascals (kPa), and oily poop at about 60 kPa.
  • women who take birth control pills blink more often than women who do not.
  • one time, a man’s persistent hiccups were cured by performing a digital rectal massage
  • 5% of lawnmower injuries (around 70000 injuries happen per year in the US) affect the eyes. In addition, 75 people were killed each year by mowers, and that 1 out of every 5 deaths involved a child.
  • Our brain perceives blue pills to be sedatives, red and orange pills to be stimulants, yellow pills to be antidepressants, and brightly coloured pills to be stronger
  • viagra cures jet lag in hamsters
  • dogs can detect the earths magnetic field
  • Moments after a wild female chimpanzee gave birth, a male chimp stole her infant and cannibalized it. This disturbing event may help explain why many female chimps temporarily leave the group when they’re about to give birth, giving themselves a type of “maternity leave.”
  • when humans learn, the brain grows new cells and quickly kills some of them
  • “It turns out that parallel universes exist, at least according to the results of this freaky experiment/discovery. Quantum physicists at UCSB placed a tiny “paddle” that was the width of a human hair into a vacuum which was created in a jar. They then “plucked” the paddle and it vibrated and stood still AT THE SAME TIME. Essentially, that means something may exist in two states (or two universes) at once, opening the door for not only multiple versions of ourselves, but also the possibility of time travel.”
  • ASMR causes the brain to orgasm

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