When Do We Burn the Most Calories?

A recent study on seven people has shown that at different times in the day, our body can burn more calories than at other times, especially at later hours in the day.

The human body utilises calories in order to provide the body with energy to properly function. This is done by burning calories, and this occurs no matter what you’re doing, even while taking a nap.

The study found that metabolic rate was lowest late during their biological “night,” and highest around 12 hours later, in the biological “afternoon and evening.”

This information has now made researchers question whether we should now be making lunch our biggest meal of the day instead of dinner. As said by Jeanne Duffy:

“It is not only what we eat, but when we eat — and rest — that impacts how much energy we burn or store as fat. Regularity of habits, such as eating and sleeping, is very important to overall health.”

The team next plan to try and figure out the relationship between appetite and time of day, and find a way to make appetite and time of most calorie loss coincide.

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