Why Do Breasts Hurt Before a Period

Today I am going to be explaining why some women can get sore breasts before a period.

So, in a nutshell, the reason for sore beats before a period is due to a reduction of the sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone cause lymph nodes to swell.

It has also been found that there could potentially be a link between breast pain and the hormone prolactin – this hormone actually stimulated great milk production after women and if it is present in the body before this time (this can sometimes happen) it can cause changes in the breasts.

Some of the specific symptoms females suffer from regarding there breasts before their period include:

  • pain in one breast
  • pain in both breasts
  • pain radiating into the underarms
  • a sharp pain, or dull
  • swelling
  • intense pain in the nipple area

Other research has found that breast pain could also be due to these factors:

  • clogged milk duct in the breast
  • mastitis – a breast infection that can develop during breastfeeding
  • having large, heavy breasts
  • having previously undergone breast surgery
  • breast injury
  • water retention
  • using certain hormone therapy medications or medications like digitalis, diuretics etc.
  • having fibrocystic breast tissue – makes the breasts dense and lump – this is more painful around menstruation
  • in extreme cases, breast pain can indicate breast cancer

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