An Amazing Case of Self-Surgery (pt 2)

This story is very impressive because the surgery wasn’t done by a medical professional, but by someone with no medical training.

In March 200 in an isolated Mexican village, a woman was carrying her ninth child. Previous to this pregnancy, she had lost a child in labour so she was determined not to lose another child.

When she was in labour for her 9th child, she was worried she was going to lose her child again due to many hours of the labour being very unproductive. So, she decided she was going to perform a C-section herself.

In order to do the surgery, she drank 3 strong alcoholic drinks to act as a kind of anaesthetic, used a kitchen knife to open up her abdomen and release the baby. She then asked for a local nurse who repositioned the woman’s intestines and sewed up the wound.

8 hours later, she reached her local hospital and recovered after 10 days, however she did need highly extensive treatment.

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