Successful Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss can be difficult, so I’m going to give you some tips, confirmed by researchers, to help the weight loss process:

  1. Eat a varied, colourful, nutritionally dense foods – this will reduce the excess intake of saturated fats, thus reducing the risk of diseases such as coronary heart disease
  2. Keep a food and weight diary to keep track of how much weight is being lost – this can act as a reminder to keep eating healthy, and also act as a motivator by tracking your success
  3. Engage in regular physical activity, even if it means doing things like using the stairs instead of the lift, or walk instead of using a car
  4. Eliminate liquid calories as these calories can very easily add up – stick to liquids such as water, tea and coffee
  5. Control your portion sizes as this can help a person to moderate food intake
  6. Eat mindfully and consider whether what you are eating is the right healthy option for you
  7. Try not to eat just because you’re bored, or because you have nothing better to do- try to distract yourself by doing something more beneficial, like going for a walk or meeting with friends
  8. Plan your food for the week beforehand so you are less likely to stray off track and keep junk food in your kitchen
  9. Talk to friends and family to get some motivation and keep on your goal – joining exercise clubs or gaining an exercise partner can be very beneficial
  10. Finally, try and stay positive – weight loss is a gradual and challenging process, it till take time to see results but having a positive mindset can help overcome the barriers and successfully lose weight

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