Cardiff Open Day

I recently returned from my Duke of Edinburgh expedition which was a great experience. I feel as though overcoming the challenge has really pushed me to better myself in an attempt to achieve my entry into University. Upon my return I had little time to rest as the next morning brought an early start as I travelled to Cardiff for the recent open day. I was highly impressed with the facilities, in particular the newly refurbished £2.2 million pound clinical skills laboratory. The dental school also stood out to me as it is relatively small, with generally 100 undergraduate students per year, meaning there is a lot of opportunity for one to one learning. Another factor which I found to be ideal was the partnership with the Heath. As a whole the open day was largely productive, with me being able to arrange a day of work experience in the Heath shadowing students in their day to day studies at the Dental school. My next step is to take part in two weeks of work experience in two separate Dental clinics in Swansea. I will keep you posted, thank you.

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