AS Results Day

Finally the anticipated day was here. I had spent a total time of 396 hours revising for my Summer examinations, motivated by the chance of a place at the University of my choice to study Dental Surgery. I generally do not feel nervous to receive my results due to the fact I have given my absolute maximum and once you have done the work and answered the papers, the result is set in stone. However, on this occasion, with my application into Dentistry on the line, it was difficult not to be feeling the nerves in the car ride to the college. I am a strong believer that hard work pays off and surely enough, the lunchtimes spent in the library proved worth it as I received 4 A grades at AS level. I am extremely proud of these results due to the fact I improved from a predicted E grade in Chemistry and Biology in January. These grades now have given me the foundation to apply where I wish to apply for Dental Surgey. However, the bar must be raised again from here as I prepare my personal statement and revise for the UKCAT entry examination. It is exciting to think that in one year I will know wether I have earned my place in University. This next year will be a serious grind but I am sure to enjoy pushing myself to reach my goal.

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