Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease

I apologise for my lack of activity recently. I have been very busy with studying for my UKCAT examination and my personal statement. However, the studying seems to have been worth it as I achieved a 655 score with a band 1 for the situational judgement section. I am extremely pleased with this and receiving a result such as this, which is above the mean score, lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I found that revising the GMC’s, ‘9 Principles of Dentistry’ really aided me in the situational judgement section.

I recently read that people suffering with gum disease for 10 years or longer are 70%  more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. I have been planning to write about this for 2 weeks as this is an issue close to my heart with a family member sufferings from Parkinson’s disease, which has similar symptoms to Alzheimer’s disease. A study conducted by, ‘Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy,’ found that patients who suffered with long term gum disease of 10 years or longer, were 70% more likely to develop the disease. This is particularly interesting to me because I target a career in dentistry, not only improve the oral health of my patients, but also to improve their general health. This investigation provides further evidence that links between oral health and serious disease are becoming increasingly apparent.

However, these can be prevented by consistent check ups and preventative care. This case is one of many that highlights the importance of solid dental care and the general oral education of each patient.

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