Why Do I Want to be a Dentist?

After several drafts of my personal statement, I have spent hours pondering over how to word the reason I wish to study dentistry. My desire to study dentistry and to ultimately become a practising dentist stems from the massive satisfaction I feel when I physically complete a task that makes a genuine difference to someone’s life. Due to my high practical ability and my love for Chemistry and Biology; I have always targeted a medical career. However, what makes Dentistry stand out to me above medicine is the fact that as a dentist, I will be able to diagnose and treat each patient from start to finish. Therefore, building a relationship and a level of trust with each patient meaning I will have the opportunity to educate them and reach a goal in terms of oral health through continuity of care. In Medicine, you regularly have to pass each patient down a chain of specialists, therefore not having the opportunity to build a rapport as seen in a career in Dentistry. I am excited by the fact that the precise work of my hands will be able to solve such a variety of complex issues each patient may have. I have been motivated to study dentistry for some time and the opportunity of forging a career in a field which will continually challenge my own individual attributes is partially responsible for this. The constantly innovating field is well suited to my hunger for a career in lifelong learning.

I really hope to convey these points in my personal statement however the real test is confining my motivation in order to be tailored to the 4000 character limit of the application. Regardless of the outcome, I will be a practising dentist in my future.

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