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Now, on March 2, Path of Exile has become another upgrade so large that lead designer Chris Wilson confessed that he can’t decide whether or not to call it a full-blown expansion. At first I thought that he was a bit cocky, but last week he walked me through all the new features and, yeah, it’s fairly big. Also it is Pokémon.Called Bestiary, this fresh temporary challenge league is most likely among the most robust leagues I have ever noticed.

Contrary to the current Abyss league, which largely involves randomly stumbling upon demonic fissures and subsequently killing everything that pops out, Bestiary is about capturing monsters and causing them to fight to make strong crafting recipes.For those new to Path of Exile, these leagues are temporary and need starting a new character. After their usual single-player life cycle, the league is retired or incorporated to the main POE match and your character is transferred over to the permanent standard league, which is basically only the most important POE game.

Each new challenge team, however, offers completely new RuneScape gold  systems which make leveling up a different experience every time.The thought behind Bestiary is straightforward: While roaming around maps, you can throw a net on any creature which qualifies as a monster and, if its weakened enough, catch it. Each recorded monster is saved on your personal menagerie–a zoo that behaves as a hideout where you are able to invite your friends to hang out.

A new bestiary menu categorizes all the hundreds of critters you are able to catch and helps monitor your progress if you are the kind of person thats–wait for it–gotta catch ’em all.Your menagerie isn’t just  RSGOLDFAST a place to gawk over your recorded creatures, however. The Blood Altar is an arena where you can carry out the Sacrifice of Combat, which lets one to fight around four of your captured creatures in exchange for a crafted item.

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