That would be considered Maple story M Mesos safe on mmogo

Called Bestiary, this fresh temporary MS2 Mesos  challenge league is most likely one of the most robust leagues I have ever seen. Unlike the recent Abyss league, which mostly involves randomly stumbling upon demonic fissures and then murdering everything that pops out, Bestiary is all about catching monsters and causing them to fight to create strong crafting recipes.

After their usual single-player life cycle, the league is either retired or incorporated into the primary POE game and your character is transferred to the permanent standard league, which is essentially only the most important POE game. Each new challenge team, however, offers entirely new systems which make leveling a different experience every time.

The thought behind Bestiary is simple: While roaming around maps, you can throw a web on any creature that qualifies as a beast and, even if its weakened enough, catch it. Each recorded monster is saved in your own personal menagerie–a zoo which acts as a hideout where you can invite your friends to hang out. A brand new bestiary menu categorizes each of the hundreds of monsters you can catch and helps track your progress if you are the kind of person thats–wait for it–gotta catch ’em all.

Your menagerie isn’t just a place to gawk on your recorded monsters, however. The Blood Altar is an arena where you can perform the Sacrifice of Combat, which lets one to fight around four of your captured monsters in market for a crafted item. All the 250 ordinary animals and 40 new mythical beasts has their very own alterations that  buy maplestory mobile mesos can change the results of your crafted recipe, so creatures are basically a crafting material that you use in various combinations to produce different outcomes.

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