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You will also be picking up a bunch of increase HP nodes from the passive tree, giving you a sizable HP pool to soak any damage that sneaks through your walls of skeleton mages. Sunder has among the most well-known skills for league beginner builds. As soon as it’s not overly flashy, it is reliable and scales well all the way to endPOE content. Even better, it’s a dirt cheap build that just about everyone can master.

That said the Path of Exile forums are full of heaps of variants you can followalong with and all these are pretty good. I picked WorstSmitesEU’s guide because it is thorough and takes some time to explain the fundamentals and has a good base which you can always adjust to match other Duelist-style Sunder assembles. For example, using the 3.2 patch, a great deal of Path of Exile players are stating that Champion has become the ascendancy type of choice rather than Gladiator–but, like everything in Path of Exile, it is up for debate.

Sunder is about as basic a skill since you can get in Path of Exile. With your primary hand you strike the floor, causing a  poe currency wave of broken ground to heartbeat out and attack nearby enemies that, in turn, create their own mini-shockwaves that cope additional damage. The gist here is to get close and Sunder away until everything is dead. Yup, it is that easy. Defensively, the construct relies on skills including Fortify to mitigate incoming damage–again, this is Path of Exile in its most basic.

The only real downside to Sunder Gladiator assembles is their efficacy in endPOE game maps starts to drop off significantly unless you invest a good deal of cash into strong uniques. That is a league starter build in the purest sense, as most Path of Exile players will immediately abandon this character once they have farmed enough currency to path of exile currency  afford a more technical construct. Nonetheless, if you are starting out or actually struggling to select a build, you may never fail with Sunder.

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