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The issue with these skills is RSGOLDFAST  they don’t provide incentive or an excess challenge all they do is waste time. At least with Damage Reflect, you’ve got to pay attention to what’s going on (though in some cases it lasts more than mandatory ). Weapon Cancel does not cause you to interact more with the boss, it makes you stand in a place and do something else before the enthusiast ends.

You are looking at it superficially and saying”you only want to make bosses easier”, whenever there are other ways Nexon can make the boss harder without a buff that simply wastes time; different/new debuffs, reworks (see Chaos Zakum, which, while it does have cancel, has become a lot more challenging than just sitting there and barraging it every 30 seconds), also revived attacks that were given to us at Unleashed (such as Cygnus).

There is a reason that newer supervisors don’t utilize RuneScape gold  these debuffs (except maybe reflection), and every one of these managers are hard in their own ways that usually don’t just end up wasting time and making players do something else while they wait patiently to get the weapon booster skills to finish; in fact, most of these boss fights discourage that. Has unique abilities which make the fight more interesting without resorting to cancel, like decreasing the poison it starts at the ground.

A buff that essentially says”Hurdur now you do 1 damage for 30 seconds” is not enticing or a real obstacle, it is a nuisance more than anything. Even Horntail doesn’t use it until very low HP, and it just lasts for 10 seconds.As for the reasons why some people can be rushing, possibly the usage of 2x buffs, that shed a great deal of time because of cancel, and trying to finish bosses before reset (due to inconsistent schedules or extended maintenance times).

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