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Again. Hackers have been fully pushed the players that were legitimate farther back than by anti-hacks in the past. Agree to Magnus Anti-Hack, GM Police that auto-bans or disconnects players, and Anti-Bot Monsters meteors galore. 1 thing which can be done would be to increase GM existence to cut down the amount of mesos/Elite Monster botters. This also means educating them so they ought to know what’s between right and wrong and updating them after every patch/maintenance with the most recent advice.

Many players have promised EMS has done with their GM group so it bother me why GMS is having a tough time.Another idea is permanently currently patching the hack which allows to exploit the code. Most of the time that the game is just updated to scramble it about a bit and the distributors of these hacks have it working again within a few days or even hours. I’ve seen hacks change overtime if looking back to history, but they require long time to a RIDICULOUSLY to patch them.

What is very strange is that I’m visiting some kinds of poe currency hacks creating a comeback that wants to make me question, what are they doing? A lot of this investigation was based off seeing random botters I run into on a daily, also there are far more than simply”a hand full”.The last thing I’d say, go after the distributors of those hacks. If they’re not making profit off of it they going against the Terms of Usage along with other things I probably don’t even know about.

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