MMOGO is working for supply full stock Maplestory M Mesos

My main inventory tabs are all maxed, and buy mesos maplestory 2  all full. I barely manage to keep a few slots available in each so that I can perform , but with each patch come fresh items, new collectibles, and I have to make the painful choice of that particular item to throw away.I despise this.It greatly reduces my enjoyment of the game.Pick one, or produce your solution:Make far more things tradeable, at least within the account. Without Sharing Tag.Increase max inventory size.

By a lot.Create more”tote” type items (for instance, for scrolls, for example, for casting celebrities, etc), and allow using them at once.Add character-specific storage, like an attic.Event items used to be mostly in ETC.. But Etc was required for quest and crafting items, and Setup was rather empty back then, so they moved a whole lot to setup.Now that seats, untradeable seats, are raining from every occasion, installation is choked.

But incorporating an”event” tab is only going to solve part of the problem. The event will still benefit a chair or two you don’t have any space for, or a hat or other equip you can not store, or special scrolls you don’t have any immediate use for but don’t need to toss.Everybody has distinct difficulties clogging up their inventory, which is why a solution must become much wider-reaching compared to that.

I”want” these equips because I’m a heterosexual, nostalgic, collector. I keep them . I have things such as the Black Belt from the original version of Mu Lung Dojo (also had the White, Yellow, Blue, and  MS2 Mesos Red, but had to toss them regretfully), Chief Stan, Versalmas Hat, Oxygen Tank cape, Gordon’s Magic Iron pendant, Archeologist Glasses, Etc and so forth. Items that have no use except as keepsakes, or infrequently Anvil fodder.

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