MMOGO is working for supply full stock Maplestory M Mesos

Ideas which you have and would love to give or any advice is great. I am now downloading the sport but have a lengthy time left to go yet, so I probably won’t have the ability to play till I get off work tomorrow. I will¬† Maplestory M Mesos attempt to see and respond to any answers tonight, and tomorrow on my breaks/lunch. Okay, I understand the big difficulty is going nexon with these strikes, I understand they won’t fix it immediately but artasi, if you are reading this, lots of folks, including myself, we’ve got a daily routine in that 1 hour or two hours without drama we could lost the productivity of our maplestory2 stuff…


In this case I suggest the reward points out of celebrity planet and bosses, doing the pursuit and search boxes for anniversary maplestory coins so as to get things from the coin shop…What’s the point? Well I would love to find the chance of climbing the times for coin store and nx transfering for the days that we have presented these problems and upkeep and everything in order to acquire the things we are searching for.


I am assuming the game will return for maintenance later or sooner inside another couple of hours on account of the DDoS. I know you guys can’t stop the game all of the time, but you really do have control over the compensations. Last time, you guys disrespected us with Teleport stone and 15~30 coins. Though those stones are useful, the reduction of these coins is not worth 1-day teleport stone in my view.


A participant can get 50 coins from boxes and 25 from the quests in the Festival. Last time , I did not get to play with the game daily because the servers were in. So this time buy 75 coins least?The coins is what I am Maplestory 2 Mesos  mostly concerned about, since we could only get so much per participant in a day to save up for all these expensive (sorta) maplestory items in the maplestory Coin Shop. Eh, nothing longer for me to include.

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