Gonna try to be honest with myself on this blog. I do read medical news, but I have a bad habit of skimming though it rather than actually reading the details. Anyway hopefully I will be able to keep this going consistently – I will certainly try, as it will allow me to write any thoughts down so they aren’t constantly in my head.

So, as far as medical news goes, the most recent thing of significance that happened as far as I can recall is the death of Heimlich. I must say, it did get me thinking: A man with a seemingly simple idea has saved so many lives, perhaps we move too deep into the medication side of things and forget about simple things that can help us out. For example, as an asthmatic I can say that a Ventolin inhaler helps me out no end, but again so does some fresh air.  I’m in no way suggesting that the medication is ineffective; it’s not, but I feel that perhaps medication is overused. My mom has a somewhat similar approach, she won’t give me medication unless I absolutely need it, and this principle can be applied on a larger scale – for example the over – prescription of antibiotics and the development of super – pathogens. However in this example the ending doesn’t do justice to my argument, as my appendix ended up exploding and I was in hospital for 3 weeks afterwards – Teehee.

Hope this was an okay first post, in honesty I’m unsure what I’m doing but I’ll try to keep it going as best I can. Ryan W.

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