UKCAT and more fun

So the book I ordered to help me with the UKCAT came today and it’s rather poetically named one thousand-two hundred and fifty UKCAT questions. It looks wonderful. Another thing I did was watch a few you tube videos on clear communication and how to ‘talk so that people want to listen’ – because I start hospital volunteering very soon and as all of my time will be spent with patients I feel it would be beneficial in the long run to make some notes now. A second video that I watched was titled ‘How to listen better’ which ironically only had a fraction of the views. Perhaps people only want to be heard. Anyway as I am aspiring to become a doctor good communication skills are key, and it’s reasonable of any patient to have the expectation that their doctor will actively and attentively listen to them. Therefore it makes sense to start improving these skills now as they can’t really be lost and are never redundant.

As for the UKCAT it looks to be a bit of a nightmare, so hopefully that’s what everyone thinks. I’ve been told that the only route to success in this case is hard work and dedicated study. Being honest, I’d like to consider myself fairly brainy but off course all medical students will think that, so I’ll move my self-aware ego to one side whilst I try to tackle it. The book is in a lot of detail so if I read the entire thing and get down the key notes then hopefully it will help me out. As of yet, there is no section that I feel more or less confident about so some time doing questions should provide me with that answer. It’s actually quite terrifying in honesty.

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