post number 2. inventive name, i know.

So I’ve just resat OCR f321 chemistry, atoms bonds and groups… Didn’t particularly like the exam, but I’m hoping all my revision including a final past paper the hour before I went in has paid off! Also had history, which was quite nice 🙂

Medical wise but completely unrelated to my future (sort of) I had my Hep A and typhoid jabs today for a trip to India later on. The nurse was fantastic, and I was able to really pick up some essential clinical skills about talking to people from her, as well as her general manner. On a downer from that though, my arm hurts. 🙁

I had a quick watch of 24 hours in A&E earlier, and got very excited when the word HEMS was mentioned, and got even more excited when I saw the awesome red flight suits! If I ever make it there, I’ll be the happiest woman alive. Honestly. No contest. Joking apart, I must say I do truly truly admire the trauma team at Kings, their work is flawless and so focused. They spoke about the golden hour which is something that is incredibly relevant to me for any future in trauma in a warzone, and relates heavily to my HPQ project on battlefield trauma medicine that I did last year. The US even reduced it to the platinum ten minutes, which if you ask me, is wishful thinking. 😛

Off for now, probably to some more revision! x

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