A Street Cat Named Bob

by James Bowen


I recently read the book ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ by James Bowen. It has been a number 1 bestseller and is an inspirational story of homeless, recovering drug addict who was brought back to reality by a cat named Bob.

For me, this book really highlighted the psychological impact that animals have on us. When James took Bob busking with him, immediately he drew people’s attention and began giving more generously. The majority of people are delighted to see animals, especially when interacting with their owners, reminded of the emtional relationships we can form with our pets. This is particularly apparent in cats as their forward facing eyes remind us of our own offspring, triggering emotions of affection and protection.

But it was not solely the increased public attention which supported James as he recovered from a life of misery. He felt like he now had a responsibility. In the book he describes Bob as his baby, like a child. The focus of his life turned away from himself and onto caring for Bob. This role of responsibility is important in our lives, helping us to empathise and work harder for those we love. As James proved, we then reap the benefits of working harder and forming relationships.

I really enjoyed this book despite its simplistic language and straight-forward message, it taught me a great deal about the emotional and physical worth of pets and reminded me about the significance of animals in our society, and those across the world.

2 thoughts on “A Street Cat Named Bob

  1. Hi, I liked this book too! One book I’m reading at the moment is Animals in translation by Temple Grandin. This is more towards animal psychology, but I’m finding it interesting so far! I think your book review idea is great, I probably should be reading more veterinary related books

  2. Hi, thank you so much for your lovely comment. That book sounds brilliant and has fantastic reviews – I might look into getting a copy. I often feel like what I’m reading isn’t directly veterinary related but then I think about the bigger picture and how everything is opening my mind to the world.

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