Kingsnorth Vets – July 2012

After previously doing work experience in February at Kingsnorth Veterinary Centre, I knew that I wanted to do more. This way I wanted to increase my experience and knowledge which grows from this. The contact I already have is good and I am friendly with many of the receptionists as well as nurses who I often see on a daily basis when walking our dogs! With the further involvement with often taking my own animals to the vets, it was easy to ask if I could organise my own work experience rather than relying on school. So I arranged for the first week of my holidays doing mornings at Kingsnorth Vets once again.

From the 23rd to the 27th July, I spent from 8.30 until about 1.00 observing a variety of consultations and operations as well as helping out around the kennels. Some days, more happened than others. These were Monday and Wednesday when I was observing operations. Therefore I will go into them further on my next posts. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I was watching consults. They were similar to those which I watched in February. Many featuring booster vaccinations, animals feeling down or being put down. Some were submitted into the kennels to checked over more thoroughly, put on an intravenous drip or having xrays. A few cases which stand out from the rest include an adorable pomeranian puppy which came for its first vaccination on Friday. It squealed as soon as the needle pierced its skin, despite our best efforts to distract it! Another special moment would be the cocker spaniel which was being put on an intravenous drip. The vet handed it over to me as he organised himself and then showed me how to hold the foreleg in order to create traction causing the vein to protrude. This was great to be able to help and experience a simple yet important process first hand, as well as cuddling a very lovely dog!

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