Just a point of interest.


Scope – instrument for viewing and observing

Endoscopes: illuminated tubular instrument for visualising hollow organs, often with a channel to pass instruments through.

  • Encephaloscope – cavities in the brain
  • Laryngoscope – the larynx
  • Esophagoscope – the inside of the oesophagus
  • Angioscope – the blood vessels
  • Nephroscope – the kidneys
  • Arthroscope – the interior of a joint
  • Rhinoscope – for nasal examinations
  • Bronchoscope – the interior of the bronchi
  • Gastroscope – the interior of the stomach
  • Laparoscope – the peritoneal cavity (the abdomen)
  • Amnioscope – the foetus through the cervical canal before the membrane is broken
  • Cystoscope – the urinary tract
  • Hysteroscope – the canal of the uterine cervix and the uterine cavity

Anoscope – anal canal

Colposcope – magnifies vagina and cervix

Otoscope – auditory canal and ear drum

Ophthalmoscope – interior of the eye

Microscope – making enlarged images of minute objects

Stethoscope – listening to sounds made in the body


To name just but a few!

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